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August 27, 2016

Tim Pryce

A visit from the Prime Minister

There were no classes on Friday this week as the Cambodian Prime Minister was visiting Samraong and the kids had to attend their Khmer School’s to prepare for his arrival.

So in the morning the teachers jumped in the school bus and Sinet drove us out Wat Khatom to visit the pagoda and take a boat ride around the lake, enjoying the beautiful countryside and chatting with the locals villagers along the way.

We then visited Kouk Kor Primary School in Samraong where most of ourGreenway students attend, so the teachers who were leaving could say goodbye to their students before heading home Friday afternoon.

The kids were really happy to see us all and so proud to show us their Khmer School and meet their teachers. It was a great way to spend the day….

Kumsieng and Kimseng’s recovery

August 16th

Two of Teacher Timbo’s Level 1 students, Kumsieng and Kimseng, (who are brothers), both became very sick over the last couple of days and were rushed to hospital after passing out while at school.

Turns out that both boys had contracted typhoid, but with the quick actions of staff and participants at school and their kind generosity in providing some financial assistance, the boys were admitted to a private hospital here in Samraong and made a speedy recovery and are both back at school and continuing with their lessons.

Many, many thanks to everyone here for your kindness, love, and generosity, which is greatly appreciated by their parents and grandmother, and especially from Kumsieng and Kimseng.

The Big Test

Mid August week

Another busy week here in Samraong as we get closer to the end of school year and the “Big Test”, before having a weeks holiday for Pchum Bun festival.

Friday after the weekly test the students cleaned up around the school, cutting the grass and pulling the weeds that grow very quickly during the rainy season.

After that it was play time with the teachers, doing the “macarena” and singing and dancing together, which drew quiet a crowd of curious on-lookers from around the village

Party under the rain!

August 8th

The stormy weather we had last week didn’t stop the teachers and students from having heaps of fun and playing in the rain.

Marbles are back in vogue with a vengeance, while jump rope and shuttle-tag continue to be popular.

But what the kids really love is to sing and dance, so on Friday afternoon out came the speakers and boom box, DJ Sinet took the stand and the kids and teachers “shook their booties” 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for the time they spent here, enriching the lives of the local kids in Samraong, and no doubt enriching your own too.

New Workbooks

August 8th

Many thanks to Level 5 teacher Maarten Bornauw from Belgium, who spent the past 4 weeks teaching his students at the Greenway School Cambodia.

Maarten offered to purchase new Student and Workbooks for every class from Beginners through to Level 5, so now we have new complete sets for each level to replace the well used and worn lesson books we’ve been using throughout this year.

Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated by all the students, staff and future teachers at the school and thank you for the time and dedication shown throughout your stay.

We wish you a safe journey to the islands down south before heading home, and hope to see you here again next year 🙂

New tables

Our construction team worked on building new tables for the classrooms!

Tim Pryce

Tim Pryce is originally from Perth, Western Australia and commenced teaching at the Greenway School Cambodia in January 2015, where he continues teaching his students today. Tim is also a professional free-lance travel photographer and captures beautifully "the spirit and essence of the Khmer people and their country", during his frequent visits to the temples of Siem Reap and road trips throughout rural Cambodia.


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