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November 4, 2016

Daniela Ramos

Sunrise and rains

October 29th, 2016

Early on Friday morning some of the volunteers walked down to the lake to watch a beautiful sunrise, before riding to school for the end of week test.

The kids love Test Day, as once the test is completed it’s “play time,” while the teachers mark their work (in peace!).

The morning was hot and steamy after the overnight storms, so it didn’t take long for a water fight to erupt while supposedly cleaning Sinet’s motorbike.

In the afternoon we had a strong thunderstorm and heavy rain, so once it was safe the kids went crazy building dams and little swimming pools, before an-all-in mud-fight erupted to top it off. They loving playing in the rain! Many thanks also to Luise and Josefine, who departed this evening for their next destinations. It was a pleasure having you both here and thank you so much for your excellent work teaching the kids and for your warm, loving kindness ?. We’ll never forget you here as you’ll no doubt never forget us.

Back to School

October 15th, 2016

After a week of holidays, the kids are back at school again and settling into their new classes and lessons.


Busy, busy!

September 19th, 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the School with end of year exams, marking and grading of tests and getting ready for the new year ahead after Pchum Bun and school holidays..

Due to the limited number of teachers at this time of the year the lessons have been shorter than usual, mostly reviewing the years lessons and practicing reading and speaking English.

The kids are in wind-down mode so we’ve been playing lots of games, waterbomb fights and dancing to loud music, which they all really love.

Thanks again to everyone who has been here throughout the year both teaching and on construction projects. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and have certainly enriched the kids lives, and no doubt your own too!

The students send their love and best wishes and hope to “see you again next time”.


The Final Weeks…

September 15th, 2016

The past couple of weeks have been really busy with the students having their final exams, marking and grading of the tests, visitors from around the world and lots of games & fun with the kids.

Some of our students will finish at Greenway this year and start full time at Khmer Secondary school in a couple of weeks, so there’s lots of pictures of the classes and students having fun together with the volunteachers.

Happy days at Greenway….



Introducing Sovannak

September 14th, 2016

Yesterday was a special day for one our Level 2 students named Sovannak.

Sovannak has been attending Greenway School for several years now and is a dedicated student who works very hard and is a pleasure to teach. He’s a happy little soul and is dearly loved by all the teachers and students alike.

When Sovannak was very young he was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia and needs to have his blood changed every 3 months to stay alive. This causes his parents a great deal of stress and makes their already difficult financial situation even harder.

Sovannak has a previous teacher named Mette Morgensen from Denmark who sponsors him currently, so he can buy the books, pens and uniforms needed for school and is deeply appreciative for this kindness.

Yesterday we had some visitors from Australia named Paul and Martine Martin visit the Greenway School and when they met Sovannak and heard about his condition, they wanted to see if there was something they could do to make life easier for him.
Martine has had cancer previously herself and fully understands the worry and concern both Sovannak and his family have for the future, so with this in mind, Paul and Martine donated a sum of money to help with Sovannak’s ongoing medical treatment, and will continue to support him as needed in the future.

Teachers Nareth and Timbo visited Sovannak and his family this morning to give them the donation from Martine and Paul and to tell them the good news about their continued medical support.

They were so happy and thankful for Paul, Martine and Mette helping with Sovannak’s school and medical needs and send their love and warmest blessings to you all.


New materials

September 14th, 2016

27 students at Greenway School have Sponsors, who assist the kids’ families with meeting the costs of attending both their English and Khmer Schools each year.

This afternoon, those children who were able to attend were each given a set of 10 exercise books, new pens and pencils, a white school shirt and matching skirt or pair of trousers, so they could start the new year in a couple of weeks time with the equipment they need to keep them studying.

The children and families send their deepest thanks and gratitude for your kindness, generosity, and on-going support. It really made their day and put big smiles on their faces.


Photography and updates by Tim Pryce. To get more involved with the happenings at Greenway School, follow its Facebook fan page.

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