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April 4, 2017

The Green Lion

Mid-Year Test Day

March 29

Yesterday was “BIG TEST DAY” to see how the students are progressing at the halfway point of the year.

They’ve just completed the first 4 Units of their Level and will start Units 5-8 after holidays and Khmer New Year celebrations. The Teachers are marking the tests Wednesday and will let the students know their results on Thursday.

Once everyone had finished their tests it was time to go crazy, run around and let off a bit of steam. Actually, any excuse will do for that!

Can’t wait to see their results!

New classroom

March 24

Greenway Cambodia would like to express our special thanks to Andrea Sabourin from France for her kind shared donation to build one classroom at the Greenway School.

Last week of lessons before the break

March 20

This is the last week of lessons before the Mid-Year test, then we have a couple of weeks holidays to celebrate Khmer New Year.

The teachers have been working hard with their students reviewing the past 4 months of material so they are fully prepared to do their best during test day.

After all that hard work it’s good to play and have some fun together, and what better way to have fun than having a good old fashioned water bomb fight.

Water fights

March 10

Things are heating up here at Greenway School, as we’re in the final few weeks before the mid year test and a weeks holiday for Khmer New Year.

So at the end of the week when all the lessons are finished and the students have been tested, it’s time to relax and let off a little steam, which usually means one thing… “waterbomb fight!”

Best way to find relief from the intense tropical heat!

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