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February 3, 2017

The Green Lion

Construction time!

Construction works have been progressing rapidly over the past weeks now, as more land fill and building materials arrived and construction workers have returned from their annual rice harvest.

Foundations and retaining walls, along with timber frames and roof struts have been erected on one classroom, with construction work set to continue in the second classroom at the start of the coming week. A fantastic start to the year!

Wood panelling and fibre-cement roofing sheets were fitted to Classroom #1; foundation stones were laid followed by concreting of the floor, before fitting out with beautiful new timber work desks.

Classroom #2 was next up with concreting and screening of the floor completed last Thursday allowing the pad a couple of days to dry before timber frames and roofing sheets were installed over the weekend.


As we did a few weeks back for nearby Trabek Village, we are now adding lights in the school as well!

Solar Panels

Many thanks to Tina Mo and family members Gerhard, Stephan, Andrea, Kristine, Klaus and Siggi from Germany, who kindly purchased 4 large solar panel lights this week for our school.

They look and work really good and additional to our other pathway lights provide clean, efficient, cost-free lighting, making the school safer and more secure for our evening classes.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity!

Unit 3

It’s week 13 now and the kids have just completed Unit 3 and had their end of Unit Test. Lots of smiling faces as the teachers and students continue learning, growing and having fun together.

New bike

This is one of our new students Bray Doul who lives in a little village near Anlong Veng, about 70 kms from Samraong.

Bray’s family is very poor but understand how important it is for him to get an education, so Bray has moved to Samraong and stays with another student’s family who attends the Greenway school, so he can learn English and also study at Khmer School.

One of our teachers from Germany, Anne Hingst, kindly purchased a bicycle for Bray so he can ride to both schools each day, and also some books, pens, bag and school uniform required for his studies.

Bray is so happy and excited about the opportunity he has been given, and thanks to you very much Anne for your kindness and generosity.

We’ll keep you informed of his ongoing progress.




Photography by Tim Pryce.

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