Into TGL: The New House in Laos

July 4, 2016

Daniela Ramos

This week we have moved to our new accommodation in Laos!

Tucked away in the countryside, but still close enough to the capital to be able to enjoy weekends out, the house is surrounded by rice fields, lakes and so-much-green-it’s-unbelievable sort of views.

This new location will allow you to enjoy the best of Laos: its almost-unearthly-looking nature.

The common areas were made to spend time with other participants, but we’ve got enough space in our bamboo huts for those times when you might want some time alone to read or just enjoy the views that will get you swooning.

But the nature is not only on the other side for your eyes to see. You can also take advantage of it whilst enjoying your free time after your program, since you can find it a few steps from your doorstep.

And did I mention there are horses?!

And banana trees.

Lots of bodies of water, which in the future we plan on taking advantage of through activities such as boat riding.

We are located behind a very nice local restaurant, which you are welcome to visit if you want to grab a beer or order some food.

And lots of interesting tropical plants.

A nice dining area and place to hang out in.

And friendly door men 😛

Our improvised hand-painted logo on the wall (thanks April!)

What’s next?

We are still getting installed and brainstorming ideas on how to make it even better.

At the moment we lack wifi, but we hope to get it up and running next week.

Moreover, we will have a pool to enjoy right next to the accommodation; this should be good for those days when the weather feels unbearably hot!

There is an empty piece of land, so we are thinking of making a “beach” volleyball court out of it!

We are also working on a mini outdoor cinema next to the dining area, so our participants can cozily enjoy movies in the evenings.

The BBQs on Tuesdays and the karaoke nights on Thursdays will take place right here from now on, so we are looking forward to that!

We’ll keep you updated with news on what’s up-and-coming over the next couple of weeks!

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