Into TGL: Trabek Village’s Lights

December 8, 2016

Naviin Prabhu

Not far from our accommodation at Samrong, lies the little known, off the grid, Trabek Village (which literally means “Guava” in Khmer). In November 2016, we upgraded the solar light installations in the streets of Trabek, as they do not have access to electricity.

Mr Ya and Sem, along with the village chief, assembled the lights before installing them along the streets of Trabek. What would otherwise be a completely dark street after sunset now looks beautiful and safe for the villagers to commute at night.

This village is also where our participants would spend their Culture Week, living their life from their shoes and helping the local community with the need of the hour (like building water pots, toilets etc).

Pamela Cabral from Spain, in her words, said “It was a great experience and overwhelming at the same time, learning their way of living is encouraging and admiring. During the day we work in building water containers making a total of 21, enough for 7 families 🙂 It feels good after so much work. During the evening, we eat the typical Cambodia dinner and have the chance to chat a bit (most of the time with signals) ? with the family. It was hard to get used to their way of life, no electricity, using rain water for shower, sleeping on the floor, the weird sounds during night, etc… but also a great adventure. I keep their smile and happiness of a simple life”.

During her stay, she, along with two more participants, Corianna and Julia (both from Germany) helped build 21 water pots to benefit seven families.

Naviin Prabhu

Engineer on a break, photographer by heart and still clueless on what to do with life at 26. Avid traveler with a ton of misadventures to talk about.


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