Name: Republic of China

Population: 23.5 mil

Capital: Taipei

Language: Mandarin

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) (TWD)

Time zone: Taiwan Time (UTC +8)


Not to be confused with the People’s Republic of China (China), Taiwan, which is formally known as the Republic of China, was founded in 1911 and is made up of Taiwan and its surrounding islands. Although there were claims to its sovereignty being made by other nations in the past, including Japan, today the question is most commonly posed by its neighbor and near name twin (China), yet Taiwan remains a free state in East Asia. China has introduced their One China Policy which basically forbids other nations to recognize Taiwan diplomatically and there is debate between factions of Taiwanese citizens, as to whether it would be better to unify with China or remain an independent entity. Since the seat it once occupied was given to the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan is no longer an official part of the United Nations. To reduce the controversy and confusion, Taiwanese participants often compete in world events, such as the Olympics, as Chinese Taipei.

With a population of just over 23.5 million people, this nation is an economic and high tech force with global recognition. Over the past 5 decades Taiwan has steadily improved its position in the world and has a high rate of citizens who have attained degrees of higher learning. The vast majority (about 80%) of persons in Taiwan are of Han descent and the official language is Mandarin Chinese. Only about 2% of the population are descendants of the native aboriginal people that were the main inhabitants until the arrival of other ethnic groups from mainland China.

Social Interaction in Taiwan is encouraged and always polite. Personal interactions are extremely important, with family being the most important institution and the tenets of respect and honor for elders being consistent. In the workplace, women can be found in many roles, but like other industrialized nations, they make far less than their male counterparts and are often relegated to lesser non-managerial roles. Although same sex marriage has not yet officially been made into law, recent changes in the court of public opinion and the nation’s highest courts have ruled in its favor. This may reiterate the the stance that Taiwan is a progressive nation, which also touts a democratic system and a constitution that guarantees religious freedom.

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