South Korea



Name: Republic of Korea

Population: 51.4 mil

Capital: Seoul

Language: Korean

Currency: South Korean Won (KRW)

Time zone: KST (UTC +9)


South Korea is a sovereign state within East Asia. It shares a highly fortified border and demilitarized zone to the north with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), which pretty much depicts the contentious relationship shared by both Korea’s. Threats of war between the two entities have resulted in outside alliances on both sides that serve to maintain separation and make the possibility of reconciliation unlikely at this time. South Korea is a country that values it ancient traditions and history, but is also a burgeoning tech savvy industrialized nation, which currently has Asia’s third largest economy. It is governed by a fairly liberal, albeit flawed democratic government, with a constitution which guarantees substantial participation, freedoms and benefits, including universal healthcare to its people. For many, life in South Korea is good because its workforce has a high level of education and skill, which helps it maintain a leadership position in the region. Education in South Korea is very serious business. It is extremely competitive and students are pushed to the highest levels of academic excellence, which may also contribute to a high level of stress among students 10-19 years of age who are focused on admissions to prestigious universities.

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