Name: Republic of the Union of Myanmar/Burma

Population: 51 million

Capital: Naypyidaw

Language: Burmese

Currency: Burmese Kyat

Time zone: UTC +6:30


Myanmar (or Burma) is a country in Southeast Asia bordered by India to the west, China to the north and Thailand to the east. It lies on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea coast. For a long time, it was not a touristic destination. In recent years, however, it has gained popularity among tourists. It is important to note that many areas in Myanmar are closed to foreigners, but many other major cities and attractions are ready to welcome you with arms wide open!

Myanmar has maintained its own traditions and culture through the test of time. Nevertheless, it has also gathered many other from its neighbor countries as well as from its British colonial period (which lasted 62 years from 1824 to 1866). You’ll even find a myriad of traditional teahouses where you can enjoy a tea!

As the country slowly turns into a democracy, many changes have come along – censorship has relaxed and made space to new media, many sanctions have been dropped, importation is now allowed, international ATMs have risen and there is now even phone coverage and internet access available (though it is often quite slow). However, despite its recent modernization, the essence of the country still remains, making Myanmar a wonderful and authentic place to discover!

A trek through the Shan hills, a boat ride on Inle Lake, a day of relaxation at the Bay of Bengal’s beaches, a day of temple hopping in Bagan, a hike to the top of Natmataung Mountain, exploring the Shwedagon Pagoda and many more things await you in this wonderful country!

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